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Legal Notices and Disclaimers

Roof Hugger, LLC is a component manufacturer and as such does not include project engineering with it products. Roof Hugger, LLC has however done extensive testing of its products by independent third party engineering and testing firms and makes that information available for review by design professionals for their exclusive usage.

Users of the provided information which includes but is not limited to system capacities, load tables, cad details, grid assemblies, product specifications, etc., assume full responsibility for all design decisions made relating to the suitability of use. Users must rely on their own judgement or that of a design professional when determining how to best apply the data provided. Users agree that Roof Hugger, LLC is under no obligation to provide additional details, testing or test data on their behalf.

Information regarding systems having received Florida Product Approval is also included. The assembly information for each approval is very specific as to the existing panel, the new panel, the sub-framing system and components used. Deviation from the approved assembly, however slight, will void the approval and necessitate specific project engineering. The use of a Florida Product Approval number is the sole responsibility of the design professional. Roof Hugger, LLC assumes no liability for the incorrect or inappropriate use of these approvals.

Roof Hugger, LLC can, when requested to do so, employ a third party engineering firm to evaluate the loads and design a retrofit sub-framing system appropriate for any specific project. This service is available on a fee basis by contacting Roof Hugger, LLC Mr. Dale Nelson 800-771-1711 or you can directly contact our engineering consulting firm: Force Engineering and Testing, Inc., Mr. Terry Wolfe (281) 540-6603.

For access to Roof Hugger, LLC.’s technical sections of our website please acknowledge your acceptance of the forgoing limitation of liability. Your agreement affirms that Roof Hugger, LLC shall not be responsible for claims, damages, injury or losses to you or third parties arising from your use of the information provided. It is also understood and agreed that any information provided herein cannot be reproduced, duplicated or distributed without the express written permission of Roof Hugger, LLC.



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