Huggers For Existing Trapezoidal Standing Seam Roofs

Product Description: Factory-notched Hugger sub-purlins accommodate trapezoidal standing seam panels with various rib spacing and height as well as with or without stand-off clips and thermal blocks. These Huggers have a standard height of 4-1/2”, but can be manufactured with a taller web to accommodate various depths of insulation. 10’ lengths are typical.
Rib Spacings:
12” to 24”

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Our trapezoidal standing seam profiles are manufactured for the ever expanding side of the Metal-over-Metal retrofit market for those 30-40 year old metal buildings that were constructed in the 1970’s. There are many reasons why these roofs have failed ranging from old age to poor installation, improper detailing and coating failures. Roof Huggers are available in two different types to accommodate existing roofs with standard and tall panel clips.

Our Model “D” product fits most, but not all, 24” on center ribs that are 3” tall. It is designed to install directly over those roofs with utility or low profile panel clips.

Our Model “T” fits most, but not all, 24” on center ribs that are 3” tall. This product satisfies roofs with a stand-off panel clip that holds the existing roof 1” above the existing purlins. This product includes an anti-rotation bend-out arm that attaches to the existing rib, stabilizing the Hugger and preventing roll from lateral forces on new metal roof. In addition, this product requires special anchorage fasteners that are designed to secure the Huggers with the 1” offset above the existing purlin plus fasteners for the anti-rotational arm.

For other trapezoidal standing seam panels with less than 24” rib centers, Roof Hugger can produce parts to fit your specific application including addition web depth to accommodate thicker insulation between the old and new metal roofs.


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