The Roof Hugger Story

The Roof Hugger concept was born in 1989 when one of our Co-Founders needed to re-roof one of his own investment properties. At that time, there was no structurally correct component that allowed the new metal to be installed over sub-purlin that attached directly to the existing building's roof purlins. That Founding partner, D.V. "Red McConnohie, was convinced he could come up with a zee-shaped sub-purlin that would attach to the existing purlins. All that was needed, was to find a fabricator that had the right type of machinery to do the job. After a short time of searching, he had located a fabricator and produced the first zee-shaped factory-notched sub-purlin. Believing other contractors were having similar problems "Red" and his longtime friend and construction partner Dale Nelson formed Roof Hugger and began selling this new, never seen before, notched sub-purlin. Their instincts turned out to be correct and soon enough Roof Hugger established itself as the product of choice for the metal retrofit market.

Today, Roof Hugger sub-purlins have been and continue to be tested in accordance with the most rigid industry standards. This simple re-roofing method offers new code compliance, purlin strengthening, simple upgrades to standing seam roofs, energy savings and an easy way to use the new metal roof as a cash generating platform by adding solar photovoltaic electric systems. Using Federal, State and Local tax benefits and grants, the building owner is allowed to turn a normal re-roofing "Expense" into an "Equipment Investment" with an accelerated depreciation schedule and possible rebate.

Roof Hugger, LLC has now "Hugged" over 80 million square feet of existing metal roofs. With the multitude of available Hugger factory-notched profiles having grown to include virtually every old metal roof configuration, they have been installed throughout the United States, five foreign countries and elsewhere offshore. Our client list includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, State and Private Schools, Departments of Transportation, Utility Companies, Car Dealers, Mini Storage facilities, Airports and more.

Key benefits of using Roof Hugger systems:
  • Existing metal roofs remain in place, normally allowing business operations and activities to continue inside the building.
  • Increases wind uplift to comply with current Building Code requirements.
  • Increases gravity load capacity of existing roof system, thus compensating for the added weight of the Huggers and new metal roof as well as new unbalanced snow load requirements.
  • Ability to match virtually every metal roof configuration manufactured in the past 50 or more years
  • Manufactured and shipped from four strategically located U.S. locations
  • Unparalleled customer service in estimating and order processing
  • Most respected and accepted Metal-over- Metal system in the metal construction industry

In late 2016, Roof Hugger was acquired by LSI Metal Building Components Group, Inc. (LSI Group) of Logansport, Indiana. This acquisition joins Roof Hugger with LSI Group's other affiliated manufacturing companies, which include Logan Stampings, LSI Metal Fabrication, and BPD (Building Products Development. "This acquisition is a perfect advancement in the long-term plan for Roof Hugger to grow beyond our original dreams for the company", said Roof Hugger President Dale Nelson.

Roof Hugger is a proud member of the Metal Construction Association (MCA), Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA), Metal Building Contractors and Erectors Association (MBCEA), Roofing Consultants Institute (RCI) and Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Association (FRSA).

Most contractors that have installed Roof Huggers, in lieu of removing the old metal roof, now offer Metal-over-Metal retrofit as part of their normal product and service offering.

Please give us a try on your next roof replacement project. We are confident that you will be calling us on all your future projects.

What Is Metal-over-Metal Re-Roofing?

Simply put, it is the installation of a new long life metal roof over an existing metal roof in a way that is structurally correct, non-disruptive and cost effective. It is a system that adds strength, is environmentally friendly, cooler in summer, warmer in winter and conserves energy.

ROOF HUGGER provides the industry’s most effective way of doing this with ROOF HUGGER SUB-PURLIN SYSTEMS. The Roof Hugger Systems can fit ANY existing metal panel, support ANY new roof panel and be configured to add insulation and solar energy equipment between the old and new roofs.


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